HIGHpothermia — Everesting in Winter

Max Riese
2 min readJan 10, 2021


The Everesting challenge has gotten quite some attention during the COVID-19 pandemic with athletes around the world looking for alternative challenges as races were cancelled. But doing the same road an entire day didn’t compel to me with so many other things to do. However, in winter it was a whole different challenge.

You can watch the video here.

I enjoy being outside, I enjoy riding bikes, I love mountains and going uphill. But at the same time I love the views, the challenge of planning amazing routes and the adventures you face while getting far away from home with only the power of your own body. So while everyone started everesting climbs near their home during the first lockdown, I challenged myself to come up with creative routes that would not violate any COVID-19 related restrictions or bring others at risk.

So as my friend Chris Perkles approached me as he wanted to shoot a video of me doing an Everesting I had my doubts. It was a challenge I went around for so long and also: it was winter! Winter in Austria is grim. There’s lots of snow, ice and most of all darkness and cold will accompany you most of the day. To be completely honest:
Usually I change the bike for skis in winter. Ski mountaineering is my second great passion and I love it.

The view from the top of the climb I chose — Hello king Watzmann

After convincing myself that it will be way more interesting to master such a challenge in winter, I put my head down and started planning and preparing myself for a successful attempt. I will try and document all the aspects of what made my attempt successful even in winter.

It will hurt either way, but planning and preparation might make it a lot easier.

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I finished my everesting in close to 12 hours and I am very happy about it. Do want to hear about my preparation and helpful tips on how you will finish your everesting successfully? Read my guide on how to plan your everesting succesful on gravgrav.cc.



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