Pretty much exactly one year ago I had the honor to ride the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race. The last “free” race before our daily lifes were affected by the ever present global pandemic we are dealing with at the moment.

The question I get asked most? How is the Atlas Mountain Race compared to the Silkroad Mountain Race? Well, let’s skip that. Instead I will tell you about the incredible journey through amazing landscapes and a country full of culture and history that will blow your mind. Not to forget the hospitality of the moroccan people, who will treat you like family.

Last day of the race, and finally no rocks! Picture by the amazing Niels Laengner

Having the possibility to participate in an inaugural edition of a race is always something special and the Atlas Mountain Race was no different. We strive to escape our daily live. If your are into ultra unsupported racing…

The Everesting challenge has gotten quite some attention during the COVID-19 pandemic with athletes around the world looking for alternative challenges as races were cancelled. But doing the same road an entire day didn’t compel to me with so many other things to do. However, in winter it was a whole different challenge.

You can watch the video here.

I enjoy being outside, I enjoy riding bikes, I love mountains and going uphill. But at the same time I love the views, the challenge of planning amazing routes and the adventures you face while getting far away from home with…

1300km with 24000m of climbing. This race along the border of the Czech region of Bohemia will not only test you physically, it will be a journey to be remembered for the rest of your life.

Let’s be honest: The hardest ultra races, with brutal climbs are supposed to happen in the Alps or any of the super famous high mountain ranges right? We know the czech people for their great beer, their hearty food and the culture of vibrant cities like Prague. But for extreme terrain and brutal climbs and trails? Well if you think of it, some of the best and hardest athletes call the Czech Republic their home.

Ondrej and Dan push up an insanely steep climb.

Insiders will know about it already. The Czech Republic is blessed with beautiful mountainranges, like Saxonian Switzerland, the Bohemian Forest, or the Giant Mountains. Further…

Racing the PEdAL ED Silkroad Mountain Race

We all strive to escape our every day routines. On platforms like Instagram we show the world, that we are different and unique. Still our phones and our digital life accompany us to our weekend getaways. What if there was a place that’s been forgotten by digitalisation?

Sunrise in the Karakol valley. Photo by Rugile Kaladyte.

In the world we know the internet is all around us. Day and night we get drawn to our screens by push notifications and the urge to be up-to-date with what's going on around the globe. Our workplace is useless without a computer connected to the internet and without them our jobs would…

Max Riese

Digital Creative. Productmagement. Bike enthusiast. Ultra distance racer. Alpinist.

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